Delivering beautiful homes with minimal fuss is the key

Undergoing a Major Renovation, Extension or choosing to Build a new home is without doubt one of the biggest investments we make. At Fusion Reconstruct we are exceedingly passionate about Building and Design, striving to make the entire process from Concept Design right through to Completion, as seamless and stress-free as possible. We achieve this by confirming all details during the extensive quoting process to avoid delays during construction.  Every home that we create exudes personified beauty, functionality and high end appeal that are as unique as you are, so you know your home will stand out in the crowd with superior materials used and attention to detail at the forefront of craftsmanship.

You will fully appreciate the ease of working with a Builder who is professional, personal, experienced, knowledgeable, undeniably passionate and approachable with excellent communication skills who will be easy to get along with and will do his best to provide a solution should you require one.

Every client is given a Fixed Price Contract so you know exactly what you are getting, eliminating any unnecessary variations throughout the build (unless they are your changes) ensuring timelines are met and your budget doesn’t blow out.

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