Living in the COVID 19 World

And just like that our lives changed forever!  There are many theorists with suggestive research on the COVID 19 pandemic and whether we choose to wear blinders or not, the reality is that many things have and will change in our lives from this moment forward.  I'm not going to open up that can of worms but looking back to the start of the year things were so different.  We lived in a free country with minimal limitations, now we live in a country that has vast limitations..... isolation, lockdown the list goes on.  Lets head back to isolation for a minute.... who would have ever thought that we would be in a position where we are forced to home school our children (unless you are an essential worker).  As are all builders in the building industry we are lucky enough to still be an essential business but I took time off to look after my children for 3 weeks to assist the education system in alleviating pressure on the schools and teachers.  Wow wasn't that an eye opener.  As a young girl I was always pulling my dolls into classroom like situations with the blackboard out doing maths and english lessons with them and they were so compliant... it seems I have lost my touch as I attempted to do this with my DS and DD with homeschooling and it definitely wasn't so fluid with me exhausting the home schooling sit down programme for a more authentic version of doing maths on a whiteboard and playing word games for english and encouraging swimming and basketball for sport... this was very well received and definitely took the pressure off!  I appreciated the teachers of the world before but I worship them now!

Across social media there have been so many opinions of how terrible being in lockdown is and so much negativity is placed in our minds and I do get it as I know there are many people who have lost their jobs etc (some temporarily others permanently) however I have found there are many positives.  While we are stuck at home how about we turn the negatives into a positive and focus on some or all of these tasks:

* Reconnect with your children - quite often we spend so much of our time building relationships with clients and coworkers in the workplace that we totally forget that its just as important to do this with our own children.  That puzzle or game that you put off playing while you were busy working can now be worked on together.  Going for a walk with your children and discussing things you see or having general chit chat with them can help you learn how your kids think etc and can address any questions or issues they are facing that they haven't been in a position to tell you about.

* UpSkill - Cease the opportunity and do that online course you have been wanting to do but put on the backburner because you simply didn't have time, or use the time to extend on your existing skills to upskill and make yourself more favourable to employers if job seeking.

* Use the internet - and I don't mean sitting on Social Media for hours on end!  Use the time to do research and increase your knowledge about a topic that interests you.  

* Do those projects around the house you know need to be done but you couldn't be bothered doing on weekends off and if your still not interested in doing them yourself engage a professional to attend to them.  Painting (Bunnings have been going troppo with paint demand for weeks), dusting, cleaning up the gardens, fixing fences, replacing flooring, general house maintenance. Sometimes just reconfiguring furniture spaces in the house can give you a fresh new outlook.

* Declutter - go through your clutter and list those items online that you no longer need or want

* Clean out your washing machine filters, Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, Fridges etc

* Sit outside and Relax.... listen to the wind in the trees, birds singing, children playing - its therapeutic and if your like me, it's something you don't get to actually do very often! 

One last thing to Remember is please to think before you speak. Isolation can trigger different emotions for different people so don't throw anger at the person that goes to Bunnings to get paint or to Officeworks to get paper.... that person may be battling demons you can't see and for them those small projects are going to see them live through another day in isolation.  Lets all get through this together. 

I hope that gives you some ideas on how to make the most of time in lockdown!  Take care and stay safe.  If we all do the right thing we can move forward with our new normal sooner rather than later!

FYI the Building Industry is still an essential service and we are open for business as usual.

Lise & Brad xo

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