And We Are Done for 2020!

As our last working day for 2020 will be officially over in a matter of hours, I sit here and reflect on the year that has passed, that for many was so full of anxiety, stress, panic buying, job losses, fear and concern for loved ones.  We certainly didn't expect that the new year would bring such doubt in all our lives.  I think one thing is certain, that it's made us more conscious of the fact things can change quickly in a world that has so many intangibles and that we really need to make Australia self sufficient rather than relying on alternative Countries for product etc.  Think of how different life is now.... we can't stand near someone in a shopping center, businesses have moved more towards cashless payment, akward random elbow knocks in leiu of handshakes/hugs and travel restrictions have caused everyone to panic travel with everywhere booked out within what feels like minutes when we were told we could travel again over Christmas!  So this year our family are forced to holiday at home which is a rarity for us being that we go away every year to our favourite destination on the Sunny Coast but due to me putting holiday bookings on the backburner we have now missed out.... the upside is that it may not be so sunny at the coast with rain forecast right up to and including Christmas Day so that makes me feel a little better! LOL.  Maybe one day in the future we will return to normal not the new normal. tongue-out

Business this year has been hectic with more people being at home during lockdown and realising their homes are not as functional, practical or aesthetically pleasing as they thought so we have carried out Internal Renovations, Home Extensions, New Kitchens and Bathrooms, Outdoor Decks, New Homes, Cosmetic External Alterations and new Swimming Pools with next year scheduling up super quickly already.  We have continued working with past clients on new projects and met some awesome new clients who after doing their first stage of changes, are already talking about their next home projects.

We thank everyone who has continued to support us this year and whom have gorgeous homes created by our talented FR team that they get to show off at Christmas time now that family celebrations can commence once again!  Enjoy!

We look forward to 2021 and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.  Stay Safe, Have Fun, Rest, and most importantly Laugh Lots!

Take Care from Lise, Brad & the FR Team xx



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