Delivering beautiful projects with minimal fuss is the key

Building a new Swimming Pool and updating your outdoor spaces can be daunting but at Fusion Reconstruct we will work with you to ensure you are swimming in your new pool as soon as possible.  Our team at Fusion Reconstruct are exceedingly passionate about Building and Design, striving to make the entire process from Concept Design right through to Completion, as seamless and stress-free as possible. We achieve this by confirming all details during the extensive quoting process to avoid delays during construction.  Every home that we create exudes personified beauty, functionality and high end appeal that are as unique as you are, so you know your home will stand out in the crowd with superior materials used and attention to detail at the forefront of craftsmanship.

You will fully appreciate the ease of working with a Builder and team who are professional, personal, experienced, knowledgeable, undeniably passionate and approachable with excellent communication skills who will be easy to get along with and will do his best to provide a solution should you require one.


Design Style Decision Making for Renovating

There are so many things to consider when Renovating your home and the Design Style is one that clients often get stuck on time and time again. When considering your project there are many elements that come into consideration when it comes to the right design style… for example the location of the home, the existing elements that make up the home that are remaining throughout the renovation, the age of the home and the current style, your lifestyle, your tastes and of course most importantly your budget.


I often have clients say to me they aren’t sure where to start and that is where an Interior Designer like myself will come in handy. Sometimes its hard for a home owner to step out of the box and look at the home from a different perspective. An Interior Designer can look at a home for what it is, where its positioned etc to maximise a particular design that suits the location and gain perspective on how your family will best utilise the interior and exterior spaces honing in on the best finishes that will suit you and your lifestyle.


Looking at your budget and ascertaining how much you can spend on the renovation is without doubt the first hurdle you need to get over. Once you have your budget set in concrete you can pursue design styles to suit. For example if you have a relatively low budget you might need to look at a simple modern design style as elements within the fixtures and finishes can be achieved at relatively low cost but if you have a high budget you will be able to to pursue a relaxed yet upmarket Hampton’s style that focusses on shaker cabinets, stone features, high end finishes and lots of textiles to tie the style together. It is very important to determine this at the very beginning of the process to eliminate wasted time for everyone involved.


We then move onto finding more about your family that will reside in the property, your everyday lifestyle, your level of maintenance you are wanting to achieve, the design styles you like and what existing features the home has to offer that can be included in your Renovation style.


There are many design styles out there today but the most popular ones we come across regularly are Coastal, Modern Hamptons, Contemporary and Transitional. Each of these design styles incorporate different elements to achieve an overall desired look and appeal (I will delve further into each of these styles in January 2018).


Here’s an example of how the process works…We purchased a home 12 months ago that we are currently renovating on acreage. Its 20 years old, traditional in design, lots of brick, timber floors and views with lots of glass. It’s in an exclusive enclave and is surrounded by a variety of different homes (some renovated, some original). We have 2 active young children, a dog and bird. When we purchased this home we fell in love with the homes size, views, open plan living, high ceilings, flexibility in floor plan, and the potential to update the exterior very easily as the home was in fantastic condition and was already appealing (just not entirely our style) …. We had a very clear vision of what could be done to achieve our desired look to suit our lifestyle and family.


Once the budget has been ascertained, I sit down and make a list of how I envision the home will be used by the whole family. Will we want to be entertaining a lot? Where will my kids play mostly? What spaces will be important for family time? Who will be using each of the bathrooms? Is the kitchen functional and practical? Who will be our potential buyer if we choose to sell? What style is my home currently? What elements are we happy to keep? Etc. The answers to these questions will ultimately assist me in choosing the right design style for my home. With 2 children and pets we want a design style that will suit a busy family life and something that won’t require cleaning every 5 minutes… trust me in the past I have selected finishes just because I loved them and found myself ripping my hair out because they just didn’t suit 2 children and a dog occupying the home… I was constantly cleaning!! Let’s face it when you have kids you need to be smart about decisions you make as we are all time poor and are unlikely to want to clean ALL the time! My decision making about Renovations Styles solely rests on what is going to look AMAZING yet is low maintenance for your lifestyle and fits your budget. Of course if your single or a couple without children go nuts with polished finishes, glass, glossy panelling and white furniture! A home can look incredible on any budget it’s just about execution.


We have decided to go with a transitional design style for our home. Transitional design is a cohesive blend between old and new. We love this style for our home because it allows us to pay tribute to its age whilst implementing modern finishes that we absolutely love. So far we have implemented timber features, matt black tapware, marble tiles, subway tiles and relaxing coloured walls with white trims and modern grey furniture which are all easy to maintain with kids and look timeless. We are very busy as you can imagine so having a home that has wow factor but still feels like home where we aren’t precious about the kids eating in the family room or the dog running around inside or entertaining with 10 kids going nuts means we can live our life stress free and most importantly enjoy it! As you can see your lifestyle plays a major part in your design style but you don’t want to loose sight of your homes originality. Choosing this transitional style allows us to update the existing home without completely changing the exterior too much so retaining some of its original value that we fell in love with in the first place. I will be positing some pics next blog!


In the New Year, I will be delving further into our favourite design styles we absolutely love working on so keep your eye out!


Just before Christmas we will be doing a tribute blog to some of the projects we worked on this year which will be fantastic to see the variety of work we have done this year~


Grab that glass of wine and enjoy the school holidays 😊






To Build or Not To Build - That's the Age Old Question

We hear time and time again from people we meet mentioning in conversation that they have been told their crazy for wanting to build because the process is so difficult and often downright nasty!  Ahh yes, we have been told many horrific stories about builds gone wrong, processes curlier than a slinky and builders who just flat out don't care - yes they do exist we have seen work from these disgraced builders and the thought that we are all tarnished with the same brush and that ALL Builders are like this - I can assure you we aren't.


When Brad and I decided almost 10 years ago to start our own business it wasn't some crazy overnight decision we made thinking it would be great to have a business we could call our own, it was a well thought out plan to develop a business that actually had morals, that cared about the clients, cared about the quality of workmanship being produced, about creating an experience for clients that was seamless, stress free and most of all sickly enjoyable! 


Brad had been a subby carpenter for years and despised the lack of organisation, lack of interest and overall lack of job satisfaction that enveloped from some builders he realised that in order to make this happen he needed to take the plunge and do it himself.. start a business he could run how he wanted!


I was of course there to support this venture every step of the way, I knew how passionate Brad was about providing the best products and service and totally understood why he wanted to walk this path of being a business owner and running his own show.  Together with my obsession for Interior Design we could step off the platform into the sea of Builders and offer the total package.  This is something our past clients have appreciated more than we can say a one stop shop that settles any nerves our clients may have going into the building process and they get to deal with a real honest couple who are passionate beyond words.


When building a home there are many things to consider: Tailor the design of your home to suit your land and location (don't design a home before you purchase the land), will you be living in the home or using it as an investment, who will be occupying the home, choose finishes that suit your lifestyle, creating functional practical design elements, does your budget reflect your overall design wish list the questions can be endless. However with the right assistance from both your builder and interior designer all bases will be covered so there are no grey areas and you can build the home of your dreams and budget.  Also choose a builder you get along with and feel comfortable with.  There's nothing worse than working with someone you feel awkward with as communication can be hindered and result in the process being less than desired.


Still to this day, Brad and I enjoy every moment of being Builders and meeting new clients exploring ideas with them.  We have met so many wonderful people who share in our vision of creating homes that stand out from the crowd and we are so thankful that we are given the opportunity to show people that NOT all builders are the same and that some of us do stand out in the crowd for the right reasons giving past clients the mindset that building can be a positive lasting experience!  The fact we have repeat clients confirms this!


If you have any questions, you would like to ask me in regards to our processes or if you have any general building or design questions, please feel free to email me I would love to answer them!


Until next time, enjoy your week!