Why it’s a Great idea to choose your Custom Builder before you engage an Architect

We have dealt with it in the past with clients and I’m sure we will at some stage come across it in the future, but its often debated whether you should engage the services of a builder or the architect at the start of the decision phase when renovating or building.

The decision in our eyes is quite simple.  A custom builder should be appointed before engaging an Architect to work on your house design.  I like to put it like this:  “Architects design dreams, Builders design reality”. 

Architects are extremely talented individuals and are fantastic at designing homes that tick all the boxes but that’s where the Builders’ input can often be the make of break when it comes to budget.  Builders look at the overall functionality in design and also look at the cost of elements across the design process so working with the builder before engaging an Architect can work to your advantage.  Once you appoint a Builder you can then get the builder and architect to work together to create a beautiful home that’s aesthetically pleasing but is also functional, practical and adheres to your budget constraints – all of which is extremely important.

We have come across it before where a client has gone direct to an architect had their plans and all their selections chosen (all selections were extremely high end) and then come to see us to quote the project only to be disappointed that the selections put forward to them by the Architect were way above their allocated budget.  This then forced the clients to go back to the Architect causing delays in the process and dampening the overall experience.

The design process is about coming up with a seamless beautiful design that is within your budget not coming up with a design and then thinking about the budget afterwards.

Architects and Builders can work wonderfully together and the fusion of experience between all parties can make the design process come together a lot quicker and on point rather than the alternative.  Something to think about when your planning your next big project!


Happy Easter!!  From our family to yours, we hope the Easter Bunny brings some lovely treats.


Lise, Brad & The BHH Team.



How to Decide whether to Renovate or Sell


We have all done it or will do it in our lifetime…  ask ourselves that all elusive question - Do we Renovate or Sell?   Sitting outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine and fresh air we reach a point in our life where we sit and wonder what could be….  The kids are playing, laughing, enjoying themselves and with a wine in hand, we sit and ponder whether this is the right home for us and our family.  Is the home perfect for our family, does it tick all the boxes?  Is the neighbourhood suitable for where we are in our lives?  Is the neighbourhood safe for our children?  Is it a bustling area full of cafes or is it a quiet sanctuary where we can ground ourselves on the weekends and holidays?  Do we have enough space for our children to play and be inquisitive and explore?  Does our home suit our needs as a couple and as parents?  Do we have enough space inside the home to enjoy ourselves in our own spaces without being on top of each other?  Do we have space inside that could be used for other means? 

Soooo many questions that all need to be answered!


Here are some ideas on why you might stay in your current home and Renovate:


Love the Home but you bought it established and can see areas that need improvement or the you may want to completely gut the interior and start again creating your own spaces best tailored towards your lifestyle.

Love the Suburb/Neighbourhood 

Yard has lots of space for your active children

Yard is small and requires little maintenance

Your children go to the nearby school and they are achieving great results

Your children can ride to school you live so close

You have wonderful neighbours

The location is a great distance to shops, water, parks, schools whatever it may be

You love the layout of your home but it needs some serious updating

You love the hustle and bustle of city life so can’t see yourself moving away from the cafes etc

You love the relaxed living of minimal traffic, hearing the birds singing and are happy that you are not too close to shops etc


Here are some ideas of why you might Sell your current home and Build:


You don’t like your home at all and it doesn’t work with your lifestyle or family requirements

The neighbourhood is okay but you believe you could quite easily find another one just like it

Yard is too small or too big you just aren’t coping with it

There is potential to build another home within the desired distance to your children’s school

You don’t like your neighbours or don’t have anything to do with them

Not fussed on your location and believe another location would be better suited to your families needs and requirements

You have dreamt about your perfect home for years and now have the budget to make them a reality

Your family has expanded and you don’t have the land size relevant to Renovate and Extend

Your current home isn’t in a style you currently like and due to restrictions you aren’t able to renovate it to suit.
You have found the perfect piece of land and want to capitalise on the growth in your existing suburb to build a bigger better home

Your home is far to big for you now the kids have left home so you want to move into something custom designed that will suit you as a couple with minimal upkeep

Of course there are so many other reasons but these ideas might assist you in your time of deliberation when your sitting at the lights looking left or right to see which direction you will choose.

Each and everyone has different wants and needs so there is no one solution for all but if you ask yourself the right questions your answers will surely steer you in the right direction.


Have a wonderful week!


Lise, Brad & The BHH Team.



Living in a Construction Site the Pro’s and Con’s of Living in your home whilst its being renovated.


For many of us, the thought of living in a renovation doesn’t seem that daunting – I mean how bad can it really be?  There are a couple of Pro’s straight up that people see… 1.  Saving on Rent, 2. Get to see the progress of the works every day…. BUT there are many Con’s associated with living in a construction site that affect both the residents as well as the builder and impact on everyday living.  Here are some of the major factors to consider:



Noise – Depending on the local council but generally works can start early at 6.30am in the morning which can impact on children and even adults who normally sleep beyond this time due to shift work etc.

Allergies – Dust which is inevitable can make it very uncomfortable to those who suffer allergies not to mention the inconvenience it poses to everyday living and cleaning

Weather – If during the Renovations there are walls removed etc it can make living in the home rather unsettling which can also impact on security to items still in the home

Slowing Construction Time – Interruptions from Residents during construction due to space relocations internally can impact heavily on the building process having to wait

Safety – Worksites are for tradespeople who are aware of their surroundings which can be a less desirable position for residents and can have many implications if instructions are not adhered to

Parking – Difficult locations can provide massive headaches for trades when working on homes where residents’ cars are taking up space or being moved regularly.  At any one time we can have anywhere from 3 cars and trailers to 8 or 9 so access is imperative to meeting deadlines

Financial Burden – If residents are living in a property the builders and tradespeople must ensure on a very regular basis that works are thoroughly cleaned up which takes up valuable time hence costing more money.

As you will see living in a renovation during construction can potentially provide much stress for residents due to a culmination of factors, factors that need not impact on your life making the painful part of paying for rent much less and leaving the exciting process of rejuvenating your home at the forefront of your mind providing a much healthier and happier building process for everyone involved!