And That's a Wrap on 2019!!

It's December babey and we know what that means.... work winds down and we get ready for the holiday period.  We had so many different projects this year from Renovations to Decks, Bathrooms, Kitchens and Wine Cellars...  We have met so many wonderful clients and are thankful for the diversity in our projects this year that injected a bubble of fun into each new day.  We look forward to more of it in the new year!

While most things work wise settle down for us, personally things start to ramp up... for us crazy cats it means that we start putting down the tools on our clients' projects and pick up the tools on our own very new project!  For those of your who aren't up with the latest goss, we finally finished our acreage reno we have been working on for 3 years and before we could raise a glass in celebration, we sold it in an off the market deal within days of completion.  This was a bittersweet moment in time for us as we were celebrating not only the finish of the hard work we had put into our gorgeous renovation but also the fact that it was the longest home we have ever lived in (3 years).  As friends and colleagues caught wind of the news the roll of the eyes and the "I can't believe you are moving again!" comments started to flow!  I suppose it came as a little surprise to some (some not as they know us too well) as the most common comment for anyone coming to our homes are "so when are you moving?" in a sarcastic voice! My favourite and somewhat relatable comment was by someone who likened us to a "Kinder Surprise" because they never know what surprise their going to get when they see us! laughing  To me that was somewhat amusing and very appropriate! Touche!.  My comment back over the last 3 years was that we loved that home and would not be selling anytime soon (that was of course my honest opinion up until this new project hit the market LOL!)  Yep we are mad and crazy but this is our life and we enjoy it... however truth be told we do appear to be slowing down.... i mean instead of moving every year we are now moving every 3 years so that has to say something right?!! LOL.  I'm aiming to break our 3 year record with this home!

The only reason we contemplated selling was that a home we have been eyeing off for the past few years since moving to the area, literally a street away, had gone on the market and we were eager to secure it!  I'm not sure what the reason is behind us literally finishing homes and selling them before we get to actually enjoy the final product but we do it EVERY time!  I guess it's the industry that we are in and the fact we are very driven, motivated and genuinely passionate about our craft which means we simply cannot sit still if we see an opportunity present itself.  This new home certainly did and sucked us in hook line and sinker.  Having been left unfinished for over 4 years we have driven past time and time again wishing we could get our hands on it and create the beautiful home that it had the potential to be.   It had all the ingredients we look for when buying a home... the street in our opinion is one of the nicest in the area with beautiful quality homes, a great family feel which was important to us for our kids and the home has masses of potential being on acreage and a design/floor plan and features that we loved. 

So while others take a vacation, sip their wine and enjoy their new Christmas presents we will be working towards getting the new Swimming Pool finished, doing some ground works, getting some sort of landscaping started, installing our front fence and honing in on the design elements that will compliment this homes bones and ultimately bang our signature Brad & Lise stamp on it.  With every home we do personally I change our design style so this one excites me focussing on a Palm Springs vibe cool.  I will base one of my blogs early next year on why I love this design style and how I am incorporating it into this home.  

We constantly get asked for photos of our personal projects from friends and people we meet so I decided to start an Instagram Page called Brad_Lise_Create_Utopia so our candid unpolished journey can be followed by anyone that's interested!  Feel free to follow us too!

We will take a little time to sit back relax and get ready for 2020 but I don't know when?! For now we just need to breathe and keep going!

While we have the energy (and time) we would like to wish all of you a Safe and Merry Christmas and look forward to what 2020 brings when we get back mid January!


Take Care,

Lise & Brad





Design Style Decision Making for Renovating

There are so many things to consider when Renovating your home and the Design Style is one that clients often get stuck on time and time again. When considering your project there are many elements that come into consideration when it comes to the right design style… for example the location of the home, the existing elements that make up the home that are remaining throughout the renovation, the age of the home and the current style, your lifestyle, your tastes and of course most importantly your budget.


I often have clients say to me they aren’t sure where to start and that is where an Interior Designer like myself will come in handy. Sometimes its hard for a home owner to step out of the box and look at the home from a different perspective. An Interior Designer can look at a home for what it is, where its positioned etc to maximise a particular design that suits the location and gain perspective on how your family will best utilise the interior and exterior spaces honing in on the best finishes that will suit you and your lifestyle.


Looking at your budget and ascertaining how much you can spend on the renovation is without doubt the first hurdle you need to get over. Once you have your budget set in concrete you can pursue design styles to suit. For example if you have a relatively low budget you might need to look at a simple modern design style as elements within the fixtures and finishes can be achieved at relatively low cost but if you have a high budget you will be able to to pursue a relaxed yet upmarket Hampton’s style that focusses on shaker cabinets, stone features, high end finishes and lots of textiles to tie the style together. It is very important to determine this at the very beginning of the process to eliminate wasted time for everyone involved.


We then move onto finding more about your family that will reside in the property, your everyday lifestyle, your level of maintenance you are wanting to achieve, the design styles you like and what existing features the home has to offer that can be included in your Renovation style.


There are many design styles out there today but the most popular ones we come across regularly are Coastal, Modern Hamptons, Contemporary and Transitional. Each of these design styles incorporate different elements to achieve an overall desired look and appeal (I will delve further into each of these styles in January 2018).


Here’s an example of how the process works…We purchased a home 12 months ago that we are currently renovating on acreage. Its 20 years old, traditional in design, lots of brick, timber floors and views with lots of glass. It’s in an exclusive enclave and is surrounded by a variety of different homes (some renovated, some original). We have 2 active young children, a dog and bird. When we purchased this home we fell in love with the homes size, views, open plan living, high ceilings, flexibility in floor plan, and the potential to update the exterior very easily as the home was in fantastic condition and was already appealing (just not entirely our style) …. We had a very clear vision of what could be done to achieve our desired look to suit our lifestyle and family.


Once the budget has been ascertained, I sit down and make a list of how I envision the home will be used by the whole family. Will we want to be entertaining a lot? Where will my kids play mostly? What spaces will be important for family time? Who will be using each of the bathrooms? Is the kitchen functional and practical? Who will be our potential buyer if we choose to sell? What style is my home currently? What elements are we happy to keep? Etc. The answers to these questions will ultimately assist me in choosing the right design style for my home. With 2 children and pets we want a design style that will suit a busy family life and something that won’t require cleaning every 5 minutes… trust me in the past I have selected finishes just because I loved them and found myself ripping my hair out because they just didn’t suit 2 children and a dog occupying the home… I was constantly cleaning!! Let’s face it when you have kids you need to be smart about decisions you make as we are all time poor and are unlikely to want to clean ALL the time! My decision making about Renovations Styles solely rests on what is going to look AMAZING yet is low maintenance for your lifestyle and fits your budget. Of course if your single or a couple without children go nuts with polished finishes, glass, glossy panelling and white furniture! A home can look incredible on any budget it’s just about execution.


We have decided to go with a transitional design style for our home. Transitional design is a cohesive blend between old and new. We love this style for our home because it allows us to pay tribute to its age whilst implementing modern finishes that we absolutely love. So far we have implemented timber features, matt black tapware, marble tiles, subway tiles and relaxing coloured walls with white trims and modern grey furniture which are all easy to maintain with kids and look timeless. We are very busy as you can imagine so having a home that has wow factor but still feels like home where we aren’t precious about the kids eating in the family room or the dog running around inside or entertaining with 10 kids going nuts means we can live our life stress free and most importantly enjoy it! As you can see your lifestyle plays a major part in your design style but you don’t want to loose sight of your homes originality. Choosing this transitional style allows us to update the existing home without completely changing the exterior too much so retaining some of its original value that we fell in love with in the first place. I will be positing some pics next blog!


In the New Year, I will be delving further into our favourite design styles we absolutely love working on so keep your eye out!


Just before Christmas we will be doing a tribute blog to some of the projects we worked on this year which will be fantastic to see the variety of work we have done this year~


Grab that glass of wine and enjoy the school holidays 😊







Hi FR Followers

Hi Followers! Hi I’m Lisa the Co-Founder and Senior Interior Designer here at Fusion Reconstruct.

I wanted to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me. I’ve always had a love for design and property. When I was 8 years old I remember my parents spending many weekends scouring through floor plans, walking through endless display homes (with me happily in tow) never being able to find the perfect home that ticked all their boxes… so many options yet none of them suited their particular lifestyle or tastes. Specialist builders weren’t really a big thing then it was very much Project Builder heaven… or hell if you were my parents!


Little did I know that my experiences as a young child and educating myself in the property industry, would lead me to where I am today. Whilst my little friends were out playing in their yard, I was happily tagging along with my mum and dad looking at countless homes. This is weird for an 8 year old considering when I look at my almost 8 year old son now, his comments when looking through homes or prize homes is “oh are you serious, why do we have to look through another home this is sooo boring….are we moving again?!”.. whinge, whinge, whinge. 


Yep it indeed is something that only a passionate 8 year old would love doing – but that was me, and now I look back at this I realise it was my destiny to become an Interior Designer, marry a Carpenter and start our own business specialising in Individually Designed New Homes and large scale Renovations! The perfect life really!


When I left school I spent 4 years at an Advertising Firm then moved onto working in Media for a further 6 years before leaving to have my first child. After having my son (yes he’s the bored almost 8 year old) I went back to work 7 weeks later at a Real Estate agency putting together their marketing. As fate would have it 18 months later I was made redundant which gave me the golden pass I needed to finally pursue my dream of practising Interior Design and thanks to my supportive husband. I was able to complete my Diploma in Interior Design and Home Staging with flying colours (excuse the pun) and thus my new career of Interior Design imploded.. I haven’t looked back!


Now 6 years, a beautiful daughter later and many many houses later, I still look forward to every new project I am privileged to work on including our own personal projects. Reflecting on one’s own entity ensures each home we work on is created and tailored towards that particular client (keeping resale top of mind too) ensuring every project is unlike any other and completely unique.


I love my job – my clients can feel my passion when they talk to me about their project…. To me it’s not really a job, I take it very personally and put myself in my clients’ shoes, offering them advice to achieve their particular desired outcome. I’m not about to give my clients a box of options - to me the options are endless, and it’s my role to offer my clients as many ideas until they get exactly what they want, within budget of course! I always tell my budget conscious clients this… it doesn’t have to be expensive to look amazing – I have worked with small and large budgets and I haven’t had a client not blown away by the end result yet! I’ve even had several clients cry they were so happy with their homes! That’s a compliment to both the interior design and of course the talented builder!


Until next time, enjoy life and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams! cool




How to Decide whether to Renovate or Sell


We have all done it or will do it in our lifetime… ask ourselves that all elusive question - Do we Renovate or Sell?  Sitting outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine and fresh air we reach a point in our life where we sit and wonder what could be…. The kids are playing, laughing, enjoying themselves and with a wine in hand, we sit and ponder whether this is the right home for us and our family. Is the home perfect for our family, does it tick all the boxes? Is the neighbourhood suitable for where we are in our lives? Is the neighbourhood safe for our children? Is it a bustling area full of cafes or is it a quiet sanctuary where we can ground ourselves on the weekends and holidays? Do we have enough space for our children to play and be inquisitive and explore? Does our home suit our needs as a couple and as parents? Do we have enough space inside the home to enjoy ourselves in our own spaces without being on top of each other? Do we have space inside that could be used for other means? 

Soooo many questions that all need to be answered!


Here are some ideas on why you might stay in your current home and Renovate:


Love the Home but you bought it established and can see areas that need improvement or the you may want to completely gut the interior and start again creating your own spaces best tailored towards your lifestyle.

Love the Suburb/Neighbourhood 

Yard has lots of space for your active children

Yard is small and requires little maintenance

Your children go to the nearby school and they are achieving great results

Your children can ride to school you live so close

You have wonderful neighbours

The location is a great distance to shops, water, parks, schools whatever it may be

You love the layout of your home but it needs some serious updating

You love the hustle and bustle of city life so can’t see yourself moving away from the cafes etc

You love the relaxed living of minimal traffic, hearing the birds singing and are happy that you are not too close to shops etc


Here are some ideas of why you might Sell your current home and Build:


You don’t like your home at all and it doesn’t work with your lifestyle or family requirements

The neighbourhood is okay but you believe you could quite easily find another one just like it

Yard is too small or too big you just aren’t coping with it

There is potential to build another home within the desired distance to your children’s school

You don’t like your neighbours or don’t have anything to do with them

Not fussed on your location and believe another location would be better suited to your families needs and requirements

You have dreamt about your perfect home for years and now have the budget to make them a reality

Your family has expanded and you don’t have the land size relevant to Renovate and Extend

Your current home isn’t in a style you currently like and due to restrictions you aren’t able to renovate it to suit.
You have found the perfect piece of land and want to capitalise on the growth in your existing suburb to build a bigger better home

Your home is far to big for you now the kids have left home so you want to move into something custom designed that will suit you as a couple with minimal upkeep

Of course there are so many other reasons but these ideas might assist you in your time of deliberation when your sitting at the lights looking left or right to see which direction you will choose.

Each and everyone has different wants and needs so there is no one solution for all but if you ask yourself the right questions your answers will surely steer you in the right direction.


Have a wonderful week!


Lise, Brad & The BHH Team.




Intelligent Design

Not sure how to achieve the look you are after?  Our team of professionals will work closely with you to produce an enviable project that visually demands attention and also has the practicality and functionality suited to your family, budget and lifestyle.  It doesn't matter how big or small your budget is, it can be achieved if executed correctly and this is where our skills are evident.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing a client’s dreams develop into the real thing!  There’s no stress, just lots of fun being creative!  After all, your project needs to be a reflection of your personality encouraging your time spent at home to be a comfortable, joyful time for all.  It also needs to create an impact leaving those who visit your home with a positive lasting impression. Our skills are on offer to help you achieve that. 

To create an inspiring livable dream outdoor space that turns heads, call us at Fusion Reconstruct today.






Living in a Construction Site the Pro’s and Con’s of Living in your home whilst its being renovated.


For many of us, the thought of living in a renovation doesn’t seem that daunting – I mean how bad can it really be? There are a couple of Pro’s straight up that people see… 1. Saving on Rent, 2. Get to see the progress of the works every day…. BUT there are many Con’s associated with living in a construction site that affect both the residents as well as the builder and impact on everyday living. Here are some of the major factors to consider:



Noise – Depending on the local council but generally works can start early at 6.30am in the morning which can impact on children and even adults who normally sleep beyond this time due to shift work etc.

Allergies – Dust which is inevitable can make it very uncomfortable to those who suffer allergies not to mention the inconvenience it poses to everyday living and cleaning

Weather – If during the Renovations there are walls removed etc it can make living in the home rather unsettling which can also impact on security to items still in the home

Slowing Construction Time – Interruptions from Residents during construction due to space relocations internally can impact heavily on the building process having to wait

Safety – Worksites are for tradespeople who are aware of their surroundings which can be a less desirable position for residents and can have many implications if instructions are not adhered to

Parking – Difficult locations can provide massive headaches for trades when working on homes where residents’ cars are taking up space or being moved regularly. At any one time we can have anywhere from 3 cars and trailers to 8 or 9 so access is imperative to meeting deadlines

Financial Burden – If residents are living in a property the builders and tradespeople must ensure on a very regular basis that works are thoroughly cleaned up which takes up valuable time hence costing more money.

As you will see living in a renovation during construction can potentially provide much stress for residents due to a culmination of factors, factors that need not impact on your life making the painful part of paying for rent much less and leaving the exciting process of rejuvenating your home at the forefront of your mind providing a much healthier and happier building process for everyone involved!





Renovating to Sell or Renovating to Stay…

There are two types of Renovation Projects…. Renovating to Sell and Renovating with the intention of staying.  We have come across both types of Renovations although a high percentage of our projects are with those who are wanting longevity out of their renovations and not just a quick fix.


Each of these markets is very different and how we approach these renovations differs significantly.  For example, when a client is renovating to sell we look at what can be done in most cases to reach a broad market of buyers being careful not to overspend so the client doesn’t overcapitalise.  You need to look at Renovating $$ as an investment.  In an ideal world, you are investing in creating a highly appealing home that is going to be of more interest to buyers and in turn sell in a shorter amount of time for a greater sale price (making back the money you have spent plus profit).  Renovating tips on spaces to Renovate would involve renovating the main wet areas including the kitchen, flooring, paint and minor structural changes that can be done to improve the floor plan if required.  Also freshening up the façade for a better first impression and updating/cleaning up the outdoor spaces including gardens – all of which assists with kerb appeal.  We all know its hard to change our mindset when we drive passed a property that doesnt look overly appealing, we just keep driving in the hope one ticks the boxes from its first impression.  This of course is all done on a smaller budget and is not personalised to the clients tastes and lifestyle.  From an Interior Designers point of view also suggesting a much more neutral colour scheme works well so potential buyers can see themselves living in the property with the ability of them adding their own flavour to it.  Don’t forget once you have renovated, ensure you style the property accordingly as furniture can not only visually add appeal but will make spaces look bigger and assist buyers determine how spaces can be best laid out.


When we are renovating for a client who intends to stay in the property, a lot more factors are taken into consideration.  Things such as how the family uses the space, do extensions for extra space need to be addressed, does the existing floor plan flow, are the spaces that currently exist functional and practical for its occupants, is the kitchen in proportion with the overall property (kitchens have been said to sell houses!), are the bathrooms big enough or laid out in the most practical way possible, do you need to inject some more of your personality into the home…. I could go on but we don’t have all day!  Most of our renovations involve structural changes moving or adding/removing walls, completing gutting interiors so the entire home is brand new internally and updating the exterior with new paint to roof, gutter, fascia, eaves, new front entry door, landscaping, driveways etc.  Being the Interior Designer I work very closely with the owners to gain an insight into their personalities, styles and tastes in order to put together a design that reflects them perfectly as well as exuding wow factor that leaves visitors with a positive lasting impression.  Staying in a home for a longer period after renovating also allows for a bigger investment outlay initially as the market fluctuates over the years and you are actually getting to appreciate your investment for all those years living in it, so overcapitalising is less of an issue long term as the market catches up.  We absolutely love renovating homes for homeowners who are staying there for the long haul… its very rewarding to see a run down or outdated home get the kicker it needs to go from ugly duckling to a home fit for a king and hearing/seeing years down the track how happy they still are with their homes and how the investment was worth every cent.


Here’s some before and after pics of a gorgeous Renovation we recently completed for some homeowners who are staying!



             Before                       After                                After                          Before                          After


              Before                      After                          Before                            After                            After 


Don't forget if you want to keep updated with the progress of our projects please Like and Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!!!


Have a great day!

Lise, Brad & the FR Team x



Steve & Renee, Redland Bay

"We are in the building and construction industry, so our standards were high and you absolutely lived up to them."

THANKYOU to Fusion Reconstruct for helping our Pool, decks and pavilion come to fruition for Christmas!  We are in love with our new space and the fun we have been having and also the peace and harmony this space has brought to our home.

From communication in the office, to the boys that turn up to site each day, we have been very impressed!  Your employees are professional and tidy with the most positive attitudes, even when things needed to change they went out of their way to accommodate and help us get an end product that we love!

We highly recommend you to anyone who asks us about our wonderful space. If your trying to decide, then let me assure you that you will be well looked after with Fusion Reconstruct.


To Build or Not To Build - That's the Age Old Question

We hear time and time again from people we meet mentioning in conversation that they have been told their crazy for wanting to build because the process is so difficult and often downright nasty!  Ahh yes, we have been told many horrific stories about builds gone wrong, processes curlier than a slinky and builders who just flat out don't care - yes they do exist we have seen work from these disgraced builders and the thought that we are all tarnished with the same brush and that ALL Builders are like this - I can assure you we aren't.


When Brad and I decided almost 10 years ago to start our own business it wasn't some crazy overnight decision we made thinking it would be great to have a business we could call our own, it was a well thought out plan to develop a business that actually had morals, that cared about the clients, cared about the quality of workmanship being produced, about creating an experience for clients that was seamless, stress free and most of all sickly enjoyable! 


Brad had been a subby carpenter for years and despised the lack of organisation, lack of interest and overall lack of job satisfaction that enveloped from some builders he realised that in order to make this happen he needed to take the plunge and do it himself.. start a business he could run how he wanted!


I was of course there to support this venture every step of the way, I knew how passionate Brad was about providing the best products and service and totally understood why he wanted to walk this path of being a business owner and running his own show.  Together with my obsession for Interior Design we could step off the platform into the sea of Builders and offer the total package.  This is something our past clients have appreciated more than we can say a one stop shop that settles any nerves our clients may have going into the building process and they get to deal with a real honest couple who are passionate beyond words.


When building a home there are many things to consider: Tailor the design of your home to suit your land and location (don't design a home before you purchase the land), will you be living in the home or using it as an investment, who will be occupying the home, choose finishes that suit your lifestyle, creating functional practical design elements, does your budget reflect your overall design wish list the questions can be endless. However with the right assistance from both your builder and interior designer all bases will be covered so there are no grey areas and you can build the home of your dreams and budget.  Also choose a builder you get along with and feel comfortable with.  There's nothing worse than working with someone you feel awkward with as communication can be hindered and result in the process being less than desired.


Still to this day, Brad and I enjoy every moment of being Builders and meeting new clients exploring ideas with them.  We have met so many wonderful people who share in our vision of creating homes that stand out from the crowd and we are so thankful that we are given the opportunity to show people that NOT all builders are the same and that some of us do stand out in the crowd for the right reasons giving past clients the mindset that building can be a positive lasting experience!  The fact we have repeat clients confirms this!


If you have any questions, you would like to ask me in regards to our processes or if you have any general building or design questions, please feel free to email me I would love to answer them!


Until next time, enjoy your week!







Toolbox of Design Decisions when Renovating

I have put together a handy little tool if you are looking at undergoing a Major Home Renovation now or in the future... bearing in mind this list is for a complete renovation so you can pick and choose from the list if you are only doing a partial renovation such as kitchen and bathrooms.  All in all it will help make the process less daunting and you will feel more in control at the very beginning of the building decision making process.  Also remember to keep in mind your budget and keep a contingency set aside in case you want to make some changes along the way... certain design styles will have a more hefty price tag than others ie Hamptons, Provincial so ensure you can afford your desired look or be prepared to compromise.


Exterior Paint Colours - Render, Front Door, Roof Tile, Gutter Fascia, Eaves

Driveway, Paths

External Floor Tiles to Entry Portico and Alfresco

New Front Entry Door/s plus Handle/lock


Main Areas:

Main Floors (Tiles, Timber, Hybrid etc)


Garage Floor (Epoxy)

Interior Wall Paint Colour & Finish including Ceilings, Architraves, Internal Doors, Skirting to Entire Home

Internal Door Style including handles/knobs

Lighting including Pendant Lights & Fans (consider any electrical changes you might like to make ie extra powerpoints, light switches, dimmers etc)


Air Conditioning  (do you want to add in extra Split Systems or Ducted)


Kitchen Layout

Cabinetry Design and Finishes including Handles, Knobs etc

Benchtop/s - Caesarstone, Smartstone, Quantum Quartz, Geoluxe, Titan Quartz, Polytec etc

Splashback Tiles/Glass/other

Undermount or Drop in Sink


Dishwasher Space, Semi-Integrated DW, Fully Integrated DW

Kitchen Appliances (oven, microwave, cooktop, rangehood, steam oven, coffee machine etc

Integrated Rangehood or Canopy Rangehood

Integrated Microwave or Microwave Space

Ensuite, Main Bathroom, Powder Room:

Space Layout

Cabinetry Design & Finishes

Door Knobs/Handles


Splashback Tiles

Bath - Freestanding, Hob, Spa Bath including tapware

Vanity Tapware

Towel Rails

Hand Towel Rail or Ring

Vanity Mirror or Shaving Cabinet

Shower Design including Niches, Shower Rail or Rain Head, Shower Taps

Floor Tiles

Wall Tiles - Skirting, Half Walls or Full Height including type of lay (offset etc)


Toilet Roll Holders


Cabinetry Design and Finish

Door Knobs/Handles


Splashback - Tiles/Glass

Laundry Tub


Washing Machine underbench or WM Space

Dryer space


Door to Alfresco - Bi-fold or Stacker Doors

Outdoor Kitchen


There you have it the Fusion Reconstruct Home Reno Go-To Guide for choices, so when you are ready to Renovate you will be all over the process and shouldn't have to make last minute choices under pressure and the bonus is your builder will love you for it!



What Homeowners Can do to Prepare for a Major Renovation

So you have decided to Renovate....  Sounds great right??  You are super excited about having the home you have dreamed of for years.... you love where you live so it makes sense to stay where you are and give your home the facelift it so badly needs!  What you haven't thought about are all the elements that go into undergoing a major renovation, so here are some tips below on what you can focus on to make the process as simple as possible for yourself and your Builder.


1.  Set your budget.  Be realistic with your budget.  You can't have champagne taste on a beer budget, lets face it, we all love what we can't have.... or can we!  Great looks can still be achieved without an enormous price tag but you still have to be sensible.  Certain design styles can put your budget through the roof, such as Hamptons and French Provincial designs that heavily focus on intricate cabinetry, classic tapware and very definitive styling.  If your budget doesn't permit you will need to consider increasing your spend or changing your design style to reflect your budget.  Everything comes at a cost.

2.  Put together a Wish List.  Giving your Builder a wish list prior to entering into Preliminary stages will allow him to ascertain to what extent your wishlist can be achieved based on your budget.  A great Builder should be able to determine if your hopes and dreams can be met within or close to your allocated budget. 

3.  Do your research. Determine what design style you are hoping to achieve in your new home, so putting together a Pinterest gallery or scrapbook will help the Builder with your overall desirable look which will assist in the Comprehensive Quoting Process.

4.  Look for Accommodation.  An average Renovation in our experience will take between 4-6 months depending on the size of the home etc so its best to do your research and know what Rental Homes are around for what weekly cost.  This will assist you when having to move out and will also allow you to include these costs in your overall Renovation budget.

5.  Think about your layout.  When working on your Renovation, ensure you have thought about your new layout and how it will work.  You should consider this when the draftsman is preparing your preliminary floor plans to avoid changes after construction has begun.  Think about if you want to change the layout of your bathrooms or kitchen, how will that affect where your bathware, sinks are positioned?  Also think about furniture placement... that's a big one!  Its all good having those big windows in the space, but where will the entertainment unit, tv or lounge suite be situated?  Is there something you don't think works now in the home, that could be reworked in the new design to be more functional or practical?  Do you have an abundance of space that could be utilised better?  All these things should be considered now.

5.  Choose a Builder you Trust.  Don't ever choose a Builder because he is the cheapest!  Biggest mistake you can ever make... lets be honest we all know someone who has done that and most often than not things don't end up as expected.  The old saying goes along way "You Get What You Pay For".  If the Builder is cheap, its for good reason.  Choose a builder because he is well known for being the best at his craft!  We have had clients in the past who have gone with the cheapest builder to save some $ only to come to the realisation after they commenced work that things were amiss... alas we then get a call begging us to come and fix the work and continue with the build...  costing the owner more $ than if they had gone with the right builder in the first instance.  Your Builder should be able to provide you with as much information as you need giving you the confidence in working with them and their team.  Also being able to comfortably communicate with the Builder is a must.  Just like we do, if you see Red Flags do not work with them.  Most of our work is through Word of Mouth which we think is great because people who have used us can vouch for our work, they live with it everyday!

6.  Enlist the help of an Interior Designer.  Interior Designers are very visual beings, and offer alternative perspective when it comes to interior design.  If you are unsure about your vision, get their opinion.  We often see the overall balance of a space, whether it be its practicality, its functionality, the overall colour scheme, the cohesiveness in design elements and how things work together in the overall design style.  You might love certain products/designs but how they work in the overall design together can be a whole different thing, it can be the difference between a successful renovation project and a mish-mash of conflicting finishes.  Its your home at the end of the day, but sometimes allowing an Interior Designer in to give an opinion can open your eyes up a little :-).

7.  Be a Decision Maker.  Be prepared to make decisions before and when you are Renovating.  You cannot be a fence sitter or indecisive.  Time is of the essence when the project is underway so always try to make as many decisions as you can prior to the works commencing.  Our experience over the years has been quite simple, the woman is known to make the decisions and the man nods his head in agreeance (after all happy wife, happy life right! LOL).  In all seriousness though, its helpful to assign one person to the overall decision making.  If you can't do this and are both going to be decision makers ensure that you are both on the same page and both want the same things.  It can be very tedious if both parties like different things, as decision making will slow and cause delays in the process. 

8.  Emotional Detachment.  Emotionally detach yourself from your old home and look forward to the new one!  Although we have never experienced this with any of our past clients, I have heard stories of people that have, so wanted to ensure this made it on the list!  If you have an attachment to something ie a door that has been etched with lines from where your kids have grown over the last 10 years, then ensure you let the Builder know so he can save the door for your memory.  Most clients are that excited that they are getting their dream home they automatically detach themselves from the home in anticipation for the new fresh abode but it can sometimes hit without warning.  Prepare yourself for this and ensure you 100% want to renovate.

9.  Remember there's a Team.  Just because your dealing with the one person being the Builder, please remember there is a whole team behind him.  So when you decide to make a change, its good to remember that one change can potentially cause a kink in that chain and with deadlines.  Builders will put together a schedule once the start date is announced, so all his trades for the project will be given an allocated start date which will get confirmed closer to their requirement.  This allows them to schedule this project into their own schedules.  If a deadline is not met, then delays will occur with the trades with us having to wait until they are able to do the work.  Just great to keep in mind when you consider making BIG changes or when you are finding it difficult to make a decision.

9.  Enjoy the process.  Yes Renovating is stressful, noone ever said it isn't, but doing your research and preparing the best way you can will certainly alleviate alot of the undue nerves that come with it.  Relax and look forward to the miriad of changes that are going to happen!


Undergoing a Major Renovation is an incredibly rewarding experience not only for us but for you the homeowner!  I love hearing homeowners who are completely floored when they see how quickly the initial stages progress, one minute they are looking at their empty house they have just moved out of and the next minute its been completed gutted ready for the new life its about to take a hold of.  Renovating isn't just about having a new home to live in, it gives its occupants a new lease on life.  It creates positive vibes, happiness, often a fresh start, and a comfort second to none.  Make your memories with a family that you love, in a home that you love.


Lets Get Renovating!   Lise, Brad & the Fusion Reconstruct Team.


Why it’s a Great idea to choose your Custom Builder before you engage an Architect

We have dealt with it in the past with clients and I’m sure we will at some stage come across it in the future, but its often debated whether you should engage the services of a builder or the architect at the start of the decision phase when renovating or building.

The decision in our eyes is quite simple. A custom builder should be appointed before engaging an Architect to work on your house design. I like to put it like this: “Architects design dreams, Builders design reality”. 

Architects are extremely talented individuals and are fantastic at designing homes that tick all the boxes but that’s where the Builders’ input can often be the make of break when it comes to budget. Builders look at the overall functionality in design and also look at the cost of elements across the design process so working with the builder before engaging an Architect can work to your advantage. Once you appoint a Builder you can then get the builder and architect to work together to create a beautiful home that’s aesthetically pleasing but is also functional, practical and adheres to your budget constraints – all of which is extremely important.

We have come across it before where a client has gone direct to an architect had their plans and all their selections chosen (all selections were extremely high end) and then come to see us to quote the project only to be disappointed that the selections put forward to them by the Architect were way above their allocated budget.  This then forced the clients to go back to the Architect causing delays in the process and dampening the overall experience.

The design process is about coming up with a seamless beautiful design that is within your budget not coming up with a design and then thinking about the budget afterwards.

Architects and Builders can work wonderfully together and the fusion of experience between all parties can make the design process come together a lot quicker and on point rather than the alternative. Something to think about when your planning your next big project!


Happy Easter!! From our family to yours, we hope the Easter Bunny brings some lovely treats.


Lise, Brad & The BHH Team.